CE marking Gates - CPR 305/2011 - EN 13241-1

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The CE marking according to CPR 305/2011/CE and Harmonized Product Standard UNI 13241-1, simple and convenient.

If you produce gates in Series (System 3) or in One-off (System 4) , you must CE Mark them. Gates without the CE mark cannot be sold in European Community countries.

To CE mark your products, you will not have to incur initial costs for courses, affiliations, or subscriptions.
You will only pay for the practice for the Marcato gate, and only after the checks carried out by SB studio.

Our always updated price list is published and clear.

All the checks are carried out on the gate, and all the documents are issued in accordance with CPR 305/2011/CE and Norma UNI 13241-1.

CE marking Gates Without Registration

Alternatively you can CE Mark your Gate without registration. The practices are processed as for registered companies.

What the Gate Builder has to do

What does SB studio

EN 1090 certification - Structural Steel Works

Who must be UNI 1090 certified?

Any company that carries out works deemed to be Structural according to this list: TC135 response to the request of the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, on the purpose of EN1090-1. CLARIFICATION ON THE PURPOSE OF EN1090.

To request a free quote for complete certification consultancy, fill in and send us this form: EN 1090 quote form.

Safe gates - EN 13241-1 standard

If in your home, in your condominium, or in your company, a gate without a CE plate has been installed, or for the same you have not been issued the DoP, or the risk analysis and the maintenance log, you do not need to worry. , we can check your gate, and the documentation in your possession, and if something should not be in accordance with the law, we will do what is necessary to give you a safe, functional and CE marked gate.

For a free evaluation of the security of your gate, you just have to fill in this form. We will contact you for the procedures to be performed.

Request free Gate Security evaluation

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POS OnLine - Operational safety plan

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Always up to date with the latest legal provisions on safety, POSonLine is the ideal system for drafting and printing site POS. Click here for the current POS OnLine price list

Why do the POS

The POS (Operational Safety Plan), is the document that the entrepreneur, or the professional, must present to the client before starting any work.
It regulates the construction site activities with the rules contained therein. , and certifies that the company that releases it has used and will use all the precautions and devices to eliminate any risk from the processing.
For this reason its drafting must not be limited to copying existing or old POS (as unfortunately often happens), but it must be done carefully by evaluating all the resources that will be used in the work.
Furthermore, unfortunately, many times the drafting of the POS is delegated to those who do not have the necessary knowledge to do it.
Until now, to define, design and compile a valid POS, it was necessary to have time, expensive programs with databases that are not always up-to-date, and a lot of paper and ink for printing tests.
Moreover, not always, just for the fact that a s oftware as a result prints 40 pages and more, it implies that what has been obtained is actually valid from a regulatory and legislative point of view.

Why online POS?

POS On-Line, has been designed and developed, precisely to compensate for all the problems arising from the observations just made.
Its validity guarantee is the wealth of knowledge in the design and drafting of POS in a "traditional way. "by SB Studio.

Who is POS On-Line for?

The new SB studio On-Line POS service is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that have to fill in the POS (Operational Safety Plan), to be delivered to the client at the beginning of the work.
Its design has taken into account in every phase of simplicity from every point of view.

What does On-Line POS have in addition?

Compared to traditional POS filling and printing systems, POS On-Line has:

What does On-Line POS have less?

POS OnLine frees you from expensive software or cumbersome forms to fill out. Among the things that it does not have compared to normal systems are:

If what is written has not yet convinced you of the POS On-Line capabilities, you just have to try it by asking for a free UserName and PassWord with the form you find at the beginning of this page.

DPS OnLine - Security Policy Document

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Cost of service:

Updated with the new provisions on privacy and protection of sensitive and personal data, DPS OnLine allows you to draw up the DPS for the company in an effective and secure way.

We remind you that all subjects dealing with sensitive data of their customers are obliged to draw up the DPS.

The law allows for the simplification of the DPS for some subjects, and in the event of checks by the authorities and certification of lack of the DPS in the company, administrative and criminal penalties may be incurred.

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